Why TargetPR




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Why we'll be here tomorrow

  • Customized to your needs
  • Spend less than you think, and get it sooner than you think
  • Integrate client-side applications with back-office work
  • Complete project and contact management functionality
  • 100 percent web-based & UFF (User Friendly Focused)

  • Complete project and contact management functionality
    Our online software is full of features specifically designed for all aspects of project management. TargetPR includes client, contact & relationship management, a daily planner, and a number of other features:

    • Maintains a calendar of appointments
    • Creates reminders for telephone calls
    • Organizes client and media contacts, both e-mail and snail mail addresses and prints out mailing labels from your contact list
    • Sends emails, prints mailing labels, prints letters, and send faxes.
    • Creates reminders for daily and weekly to-do's, upcoming appointments and events

    Other features include:

    • Ability to store documents online in your account – and access them anywhere there’s an internet connection
    • Define access privileges. If you use interns, let them add to your project management database, but don’t let them delete any information.

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